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Catholic Life

Spiritual, Moral, Vocational, Social, Cultural Education (SMVSC)

At St. Elizabeth’s, SMVSC permeates all that we do. It is a focal point for Collective Worship and integral to the pastoral life of the school (see Pastoral Care/Community Links). Teaching and learning incorporates SMVSC across the school curriculum, keeping Christ at the centre of school life.

Diocesan Values and Virtues

All Catholic schools across the Archdiocese are encouraged to embed the Catholic Schools’ Pupil Profile. In addition to SMVSC, these specific Values and Virtues help to keep the message of Christ in the Gospels at the centre of school life.

At St. Elizabeth’s, we have adopted the idea of ‘Finding our Faith Moments’ (FoFM). Children are encouraged to ask themselves where they have found their faith during their school day, and across our ‘Catholic Curriculum’ (not just in R.E. lessons).

We celebrate children who have made special efforts to exemplify these Values and Virtues, and FoFM through golden certificates presented during weekly celebration assemblies.

Staff and children are encouraged to reflect on the Values and Virtues as part of whole-school Mission Assemblies, and these vary as each new half term begins.

Weekly newsletters encourage parents and families to share a common understanding of the Values and Virtues at home.

Values and Virtues for 2023-25

Autumn 1: Curious & Active
Autumn 2: Intentional & Prophetic
Spring 1: Grateful & Generous
Spring 2: Attentive & Discerning
Summer 1: Compassionate & Loving
Summer 2: Faith-filled & Hopeful



Here are some resources to further support children in developing these Values and Virtues:

Chaplaincy and Mini Vinnies

Our Chaplaincy Team, led by Mrs. Bolton, and our Mini Vinnies Team, led by Mrs. Windridge, have led many projects and supported the prayer life of our school. In particular, the teams have been involved in charitable fundraising, creating and looking after prayer areas in school, and sharing ideas as to how we can further develop our Catholic Life.

Sacramental Preparation

Children in Year 3 and Year 6 are prepared to received the Sacraments of Confession, Holy Communion, and Confirmation. They are supported by Mrs. Dowle and by their class teachers through R.E. lessons and specific preparation sessions, focusing on the significance of these Sacraments within their faith journeys.

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